Balansuojantys boiliai Ringers Pellet Wafter
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Balansuojantys boiliai Ringers Pellet Wafter

  • Available in 6mm &8mm
  • Dumbell shaped
  • Perfect for banding or hair rigging
  • Realistic natural pellet colour
  • Can be glugged and flavoured
  • Supplied in a handy screw top tub
  • 8mm just sinks under the weight of a hook
  • 6mm designed to be balanced with a Hook
  • Makes a great method feeder bait
  • Or better still, pellet Waggler hookbait!
  • 8 mm
  • 6 mm
4,94 € (su PVM) 5,49 € −10% 4,08 € (be PVM)
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