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Plaukiantys boiliai MAINLINE High Impact Pop Ups Spicy Crab
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Made using ingredients of the highest quality, the Mainline High Impact range of pop-ups provide the angler with reliably buoyant hookbaits to suit a multitude of rig presentations.
 By utilising the same exclusive liquid additives used throughout the High Impact range of bait, these pop-ups can not only be used in conjunction with matching boilies, but can also be used as a high-attract hookbait in a number of other fishing situations such as single hookbait fishing.
Skystis SMART LIQUID Mainline 250ml
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Much more than a liquid food, much more than a liquid attractor, Smart Liquid is ‘intelligent’. Water is the catalyst to Smart Liquid infiltrating it’s underwater environment; throughout the bottom substrate horizontally then climbing vertically, impregnating the entire water column with advanced compounds or free aminos, palatants and highly stimulatory trace elements.Simply coat boilies, pellets, particles, floaters and hookbaits with Smart Liquid, or add it to Groundbaits at the mixing stage. Add as required. Due to Smart Liquids unique formulation, it’s impossible to overload.Available in 250ml bottles and four flavour variants; Cell, Fish, Fruit and CreamPVA friendly
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Mainline's High Impact range of shelf life boilies offer the modern-day angler a complete food source bait of the highest calibre.Combining our experience and research of high-quality base-mix ingredients with our latest and most exclusive liquid additives - these boilies simply breathe excellence in forming a complete food source bait.
Kanapės/Kokurūzai Mainline Power Plus Particles Hemp 'N' Maize 3litre
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Our all-time classic particle mix of Hemp ‘N’ Maize is perfectly prepared and bursting with natural attractors and appetite stimulators to promote intense feeding. Perfect at loose feed, part of your spod mix with the added bonus of the Maize making superb ‘match-the-hatch’ style hookbaits.Add any Smart Liquid or Active Ade Particle & Pellet Syrup to personalise your mix further!Available in 3 litre jars(Please note the Hemp ‘N’ Maize Mix is NOT PVA friendly)