Balansuojantys boiliai Ringers Mini Pellet Wafters
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Balansuojantys boiliai Ringers Mini Pellet Wafters

Mini Pellet Wafters are designed to look exactly the same as a pellet but with all the qualities of a wafter.

It is a buoyant coarse fishing hookbait that "wafts" and makes the rig move naturally. It is designed to be balanced with the hook.

The chocolate taste and aroma of mussels is an unsurpassed combination that fish cannot resist.

  • Realistic natural pellet color
  • Aroma: Mussels
  • Taste: Chocolate
  • Size: about 4 - 5 mm
  • Packing: 50 g
  • Code: PRNG100
  • 4/5 mm
5,84 € (su PVM) 6,49 € −10% 4,83 € (be PVM)
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