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Jaukas VDE BRX 1 kg
Turime vietoje
Jaukas VDE BRX, tai labai lengvos konsistencijos, šviesios spalvos jaukas. BRX jaukas sukurtas pritraukti tokias žuvis kaip kuojos, karšiai, karpiai sekliuose ir nesrauniuose vandens telkiniuose. Jaukas pradės dirbti iškarto tik pasiekus vandens telkinio dugną. Idealus, kai žūklės vietoje dugnas minkštas ir dumblinas.
Skystis Munch baits Bloodworm Complex 500ml
Laikinai nėra
A complex combination of real bloodworm and pure haemoglobin (the protein found in red blood cells) to make a rich liquid that will naturally mimic bloodworm beds. Using a complex technique we have manage to dissolve the inners of the bloodworm to create this superior liquid.
Skystis Munch baits Raw Krill 500ml
Laikinai nėra
‘Raw Krill liquid’ is exactly that, raw Krill in a bottle. Packed with nutrient-rich properties, combined with an individual aroma, salty taste and distinctive colour. Being naturally PVA friendly the applications are endless, can be applied over particles/pellets/groundbaits, added to recipes or even used neat in solid PVA bag approaches.
Skystis Munch baits Soluble Hemp 500ml
Laikinai nėra
Manufactured solely from premium Hemp Seeds using an undisclosed method, it contains the same amino acid profile and nutritional properties as any other pure hemp product. An extremely dense liquid and completely water soluble yet PVA friendly for unlimited applications.
Skystis Munch baits Milky Nut 500ml
Laikinai nėra
This dense sweet liquid has been specifically designed to stay on the lake floor slowly dissolving releasing clouds of attraction. Manufactured in-house from water soluble nut extracts and pure milk proteins it boasts a high nutritional value and exceptional attractive properties. 
Skystis Munch baits Red stench 500ml
Laikinai nėra
This beautifully foul concoction is a delicate blend of heat fermented chillies, short chain fatty acids, powerful esters and unique flavour compounds. Designed to generate a powerful aroma and provide an array of feeding triggers that will disperse at different levels and rates. Incredibly pungent and very, very hot.
Skystis Munch baits Tri-sweet 500ml
Laikinai nėra
Developed to bring a powerful new method of instantly enhancing the sweetness of different baits, by using a unique technique to fuse three different immensely sweet additives into one. Completely water soluble and impossible to overdo, it will explode the scale on sweetness. Due to its varied fusion of ingredients it can be used in any conditions and will remain soluble in any water temperature.